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Nigerian Politics: How Nigerian Christians Have Fared

Nigerian politicians have become so good at the act of beating the dangerous drum beats for the Nigerian citizens to enjoy and put up a dance. It used to be the military men when we were under the military regime for many years.

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The likes of Ibrahim Babangida and the late Sani Abacha beat these dangerous drums severally and the Nigerian citizens really enjoyed the drum beats.

Now politicians have taken over the scene and they have mastered the acts so well that the sound coming from their drums makes the military drum beaters look like amateurs.

This Article is for the Average Nigerian Citizens

Well I have not written this piece because of the military or even because of the politicians. I have written this because of the average Nigerian citizens and most especially my fellow Christians.

Lately, Christians in Nigeria have shown to everyone that they have fallen for the tricks of evil politicians in Nigeria. Christians in Nigeria have shown the world how good they are on the dancing floor enjoying the evil and dangerous drum beats of politicians.

We have allowed our foolishness to cause disunity among us. We have allowed our shameless activities on the dance floor to turn us into political stooges. We have become extremely partisan and we even blow the trumpet of our shameless partisanship everywhere.

We have employed town criers to carry our irresponsible messages and acts to the nooks and crannies of the Nigerian nation.

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