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Niche marketing is the order of the day today in online and offline businesses. There is so much competition in the market places. The useful thing to do is to go the way of niche marketing.

Some folks out there have embraced this. if you have not, you can take your time to read this interesting post on the topic by Rick Miller.

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In a recent interview with Tellman Knudson for the List Crusade program, Shawn Casey revealed how to choose an Internet Marketing niche and crush your competition.

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Shawn’s background as an attorney, author, publisher, company owner, corporate executive, public speaker, and teacher makes him uniquely qualified to show you how to be a success in Internet Marketing. Shawn is recognized one of the leading financial experts in the world. He is credited with making and saving thousands of people millions of dollars because of the valuable information he provides.

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Listen closely to what Shawn has to say:

“Let’s say you know something about rose gardening. You love rose gardening. You’re probably an expert at it, even though you don’t realize it, because this is your passion.

Your marketplace would be other people that are interested in rose gardening. You can create a report, audio, video… something that is valuable information about rose gardening… maybe how to prune them…how to do something. I don’t know much about rose gardening, so I don’t specifically know what that would be.

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Then you go find the people who have traffic with people coming in looking to buy roses, information about how to care for their roses, what roses to plant, where to plant them, how to trim them, how to cut them, and all that cool stuff that people do.

You then go to those people who are driving in traffic and acquiring subscribers. You say to them, ‘Listen, I’ve got this information that is of value to your visitors. So when you offer it to them, Mr. Rose Grower, you’re going to be a good guy. You’re giving them free information that they’d otherwise have to go down to the garden store or Home Depot and give money for. You’re giving it away free. That’s going to help you out and help your creditability, make your customers like you better, make you seem like a nice guy, and help you build your list.’

In turn, you get a little good will, good karma, some subscribers, and potentially customers. Obviously, you don’t need to tell them this. This is just something for them to figure out. They’re distributing your product that leads them back to your website so that they might buy from you. This doesn’t hurt them at all because you’re not competing with them directly.

Using this method, we piggyback on that related market because we provide the information, while they provide the product.”

In the List Crusade interview, Shawn also revealed:

  • How to ethically cheat building your list fast and cheap by leveraging your resources
  • Two steps to quickly become the acknowledged expert in any niche
  • Is banner advertising dead?
  • Get paid to build your list for free
  • What is the one secret way to test your website for less than $30?

As you read Shawn’s secrets of how to quickly achieve success in any niche, you begin to realize the tremendous potential and knowledge you already possess. So the only question is, will you take the next step and take action today?

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Rick Miller is a Certified Master of Web Copywriting and co-founder of List Crusade. We’ve arranged scholarships for 75 of our readers to get access to Shawn Casey’s entire interview, along with 51 other audio lessons from top Internet Marketing and Self Help Gurus, such as Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Mark Joyner, and Robert Allen–go to: ListCrusadeArticles

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