Cybersecurity Certifications: Why Does CASE Stand Out?

Nations spend trillions in building our military forces to secure us. Yet, some of the worst threats to national security come from a simple computer  with internet access. In the time of cyber warfare, application security engineers, network security professionals, and ethical hackers are high in demand.

There are numerous cybersecurity certifications that can help fill the growing skill gap, however for the sake of this article, we will focus on the emerging requirement of application security engineers in the industry.

What is Application Security?

Application security encompasses the different measures throughout the software development life-cycle.To prevent loopholes in the security policy of an application, identifying and fixing different bugs, vulnerabilities, and defects in the development, design, deployment, and maintenance of the application is a critical practice. It is the practice of adding different features and functionalities to an application to prevent a range of security threats such as DDoS attacks, data breaches, data theft, and other cyber-attacks.

Importance of Application Security

We are all living in a world where security has to become an essential part of our daily lives. However,with all the advantages that this technological era offers, come huge risks, exposing us to a number of cyber threats, identity thefts, etc. often leaving us with the risk of intrusion. In this context, the rate at which software products are evolving is massive when compared to the rate of the evolvement of software security. In the age of cybercrime, some of the worst widespread cybercrimes include stealing vital information, infecting the system with a virus, malware, or trojans, and implanting spyware with the intent of watching over an individual or their computer activities.

However, these crimes are only the tip of the iceberg, there are many companies and organizations that do not place application security as a priority. A simple error could result in the loss of billions of dollars. In fact, security threats like SQL injection attack, stack overflow, and buffer overrun attacks can bring the financial and reputation of a company crashing down.

On September 28th, 2018, Facebook said that an attack on their computer network exposed nearly 50 million users’ personal information. This was one of the largest cyber-attacks in the company’s 14-year history, all due to 3software vulnerabilities through which the hackers were able to gain access to the user accounts of top executives.[2]

 If this can happen to a large-firm like Facebook, then imagine what could happen to companies with fewer resources.

Companies and organizations who have strong prospects, values, and are constantly making a profit year after year, have become prone to such software attacks, where one breach is all it takes to ruin everything. To avoid such losses, companies need to establish a security protocol to protect their databases, computer, software, and network systems.

What is CASE (Certified Application Security Engineer)?

 Certified Application Security Engineer program is developed with the collaboration of global software and application experts. This credential tests the knowledge and critical security skills required throughout a SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), concentrating on the importance of the execution of security practices and methodologies in today’s insecure operating environment.

CASE program is developed to provide software professionals with the skills required by employers around the world. It is designed to teach software professionals to create and develop secure applications.

Apart from all other application security training and certification programs, Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) goes beyond the boundariesofsecure coding practices and incorporates robust application design, handling all security concerns in the post-development phases of application security and secure requirement gathering. This makes CASE one of the most comprehensive programs for secure software development in today’s market!

Why Become a CASE?

In today’s era, Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) is one of the most compliant application security credentials because of its hands-on and comprehensive application security program.

Here are the top components of the Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE)

  1. It challenges the traditional mindset where secure coding means a secure application.
  2. Credentialing and testing secure application development across the software development life-cycle.
  3. It is the best and most comprehensive training program for application developers as it covers all AppSec techniques starting with defensive coding practices, input validation, authorization and authentication, error handling methodologies, session management, and much more.
  4. This certification and training program consists of an extensive range of labs (38 labs) that guarantee a real-world experience.
  5. It is available for both Java and .NET

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How ebay started: business success stories

It is popularly said that the secret of the rich, successful business people and great people is in their stories.

I believe this and I’m strongly attached to what it means.

 business success stories

This is the reason why I’ve devoted a full category for this on my website and blog.

I love to listen to the stories of successful business people.  I love to read their stories. I know I can pick up valuable business success principles from their stories for my own business.

While surfing the net looking for these stories, I’ve stumbled upon lots of business success stories and I am just presenting one of them to you today.

Most of the stories you will be reading here will not really be the popular ones. There are lots of more success business people in our world that we don’t know about. Even when I show you the stories of the popular ones, It’s to show how humbly they started like the one I’ll be showing you today.

So here is introducing Pierre Omidyar

He’s a computer programmer and He was the owner and founder of the then website, AuctionWeb

He started out just auctioning off some good products and stuff on his website and was just enjoying himself.

However when he discovered that people were enjoying and they kept on coming to his website, he knew he had to turn this vocation into a big business.

This was the way what we know today as ebay came into being.

I hope you love this and I hope you’re inspired by this. Small things always become big if you’re brave and hopeful.

Business Lesson for you: Start your business idea from where you are and with what you have and enjoy yourself. When you notice substantial patronage, take it to the next level using very available leverage you can find.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and reacts like humans. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include: Knowledge, Reasoning, Problem solving, Perception, Learning, Planning, Ability to manipulate and move objects.

AI has brought about a realization in the commercial industry that you can, with modern computing resources, teach a computer to perform complex tasks just as well as, or potentially better than, human experts. Companies with these resources are already using AI to improve their efficiency and increase profits: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Abibaba, etc.

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Starting a Business in the New Year: How to Self-Publish Your Books with Draft2Digital (Part 2)

You’re welcome to this newsletter today. How’re you doing?

This is the second and final part of the tutorial on how to self-publish with Draft2Digital. Please let me read your comments, questions.


Draft2Digital will get your book listed just as fast as going direct, and they support some of the largest sales channels like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes/iBooks, Scribd, Page Foundry, Tolino, Oyster, CreateSpace (yes, really) and they’re working on adding more!

Instead of maintaining author profiles, sales descriptions, book versions, and series titles on all of those different accounts, they give you one easy place to maintain the information and make updates. Turning any of the sales channels on or off is as easy as clicking a checkbox.

They’ll automatically assign an ISBN to any book published through their system unless you provide one of your own. It’s a free service they provide because ISBNs allow them to distribute your book to more channels, and you don’t have to forfeit any of your rights.

If you already have the sales details ready for your next release (most importantly a firm release date), you can even set up preorders through Draft2Digital for all of their most popular sales channels. It’s a great way to build interest and boost your sales rank on release day.

They can also create paperbacks for any books generated through their conversion service (that is, everything except pre-formatted epub uploads). Simply choose CreateSpace as one of your sales channels at the publishing stage, and they’ll begin the process.


When you publish a book, you’ll enter a Digital Book Price (in US dollars). The list price is up to you!

They will direct their digital stores to sell your book at the list price you provided.

Even if you want to list your book for free, you choose a list price of $0.00 on the publishing page, and they’ll make it happen.

If you decide to change your book’s price at any time (either temporarily or for good), just go back into your portal and make the necessary adjustment. They’ll ensure that the updated information gets updated with all of their vendors.


Their goal is to take the headache out of publishing your book and managing it once it’s out there. They give you one easy place to take care of your book publishing business and track your success.

They also provide constant access to up-to-date sales reports for all of their vendors. They always post their sales numbers as soon as they’re available. And they make analysis easy by providing you all of their sales data in dynamic charts instead of in long, complicated spreadsheets.

Draft2Digital pays monthly, with a minimum payment threshold of just $10 for most payment methods ($25 for checks). They even offer direct deposit for international users. Once they receive their royalty payment – usually 30-90 days after sales occur – they’ll subtract their 10% and send the rest on to you.

Please let me read your comments, questions.

Starting a Business in the New Year: How to Self-Publish Your Books with Draft2Digital

Draft2Digital gives you a fast, easy way to self-publish.

They’ll handle the formatting. You set the price of their books, get monthly payments, and see daily reports of their book sales. They make it all work with 24-htheir support and dedicated customer service. They keep 10% of the sales price, and their authors keep 100% of their rights.

If you’ve already published your book through another distributor, you can still use Draft2Digital to expand your reach and simplify your project maintenance for all other sales channels.

These are the steps you can follow to start your book publishing business through Draft2Digital


There’s no upfront cost and no risk to you. When you sign up for an account, they’ll need a couple of basic pieces of information about your book:

Title, Description, Sales categories, Search terms

Their interface is easy to use, so getting set up only takes a couple of minutes. Forget trying to learn the quirks of each sales outlet and duplicating their effort across multiple channels. They give you one simple place where you can get it all done and make changes at any time, free of charge.


All you need to get started is a Word document (.doc or .docx format), RTF, or any other file type Word can read. They don’t have a style guide or any special formatting requirements.

Unless you already have one you like, skip the title page and copyright page. Just give them the story, and they’ll make them for you.

Mark the chapter breaks of your book manuscript with something distinctive, and be consistent. Make it centered and bold, or larger font, or use a Heading style. Set apart the chapter titles, and they’ll do their best to recognize them.

If you have a cover art, upload that too. A 1600×2400 JPEG works best, but any tall rectangle will do. They’ll resize whatever you send to meet the requirements of their chosen sales channels.

That’s it! From there, they’ll make sure your book gets a working Table of Contents and page breaks between chapters. They also generate custom endmatter like About the Author and Teaser pages. They guarantee that anything they produce will pass Epubcheck, meaning it meets the technical standards for all of their digital stores.

Their conversion process creates a beautiful epub and you’ll be able to download a mobi file for Kindle reading too.

Their ebook may look a little different from the original document you uploaded. Their goal is to make their story look as good as possible on the devices readers use.

I hope you have learned one or two things from these two steps. I will be describing the remaining steps in my next post.

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