How ebay started: business success stories

It is popularly said that the secret of the rich, successful business people and great people is in their stories.

I believe this and I’m strongly attached to what it means.

 business success stories

This is the reason why I’ve devoted a full category for this on my website and blog.

I love to listen to the stories of successful business people.  I love to read their stories. I know I can pick up valuable business success principles from their stories for my own business.

While surfing the net looking for these stories, I’ve stumbled upon lots of business success stories and I am just presenting one of them to you today.

Most of the stories you will be reading here will not really be the popular ones. There are lots of more success business people in our world that we don’t know about. Even when I show you the stories of the popular ones, It’s to show how humbly they started like the one I’ll be showing you today.

So here is introducing Pierre Omidyar

He’s a computer programmer and He was the owner and founder of the then website, AuctionWeb

He started out just auctioning off some good products and stuff on his website and was just enjoying himself.

However when he discovered that people were enjoying and they kept on coming to his website, he knew he had to turn this vocation into a big business.

This was the way what we know today as ebay came into being.

I hope you love this and I hope you’re inspired by this. Small things always become big if you’re brave and hopeful.

Business Lesson for you: Start your business idea from where you are and with what you have and enjoy yourself. When you notice substantial patronage, take it to the next level using very available leverage you can find.

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