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Bond Investment in Nigeria: Have you heard of the investment platform called bonds?

Okay if you’ve not heard about bond investment, I’ll be using this article on understanding the meaning of bonds or bond investment to show what they really are and how you can maximize the benefits of your investment if you start investing in bonds.   You may get your fingers burnt if you don’t give […]

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Crypto Currencies Adoption: A Word of Caution from NDIC

Photo: Courtesy: NDIC The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) Umaru Ibrahim has advised Nigerians to exercise maximum caution in the adoption of crypto currencies as their preferred mode of financial transactions. In a press release signed by SUNDAY A. OLUYEMI, Director, COMMUNICATION & PUBLIC AFFAIRS, He warned […]

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Simple Ways to Choose an Investment Style or Strategy?

How to Choose An Investment Style? This is the focus of this article on investing strategies. Wise people who have chosen the path of investing to secure their financial future especially when they retire from active service have also chosen to know their risk tolerance and investment style. You need to have a proper understanding […]

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Important Reasons Why You Should Start Investing

You should know Good Reasons Why You Should Invest. This article will try to let you know. I want you to read on… The future of social security benefits has increasingly become unspecified over the years.  Going the way of investing is the sure path to take if you want financial freedom and fulfillment. Investing […]