It is great to be a family man. It is wonderful to finish work for the day and look forward to seeing your wives and children at home.

However, the truth is that the joy of having a family will be lost if you don’t have a happy family. You will detest going back home after work in the office if your home is hot bed of war.

I am writing this article from the angle of a man and a husband. I hope you will receive help from these 6 tips that can help you to have a happy family.

There must be love in the family

Love for your spouse is very necessary if you want to have a happy family. The presence of love will always shoot forth the necessary happiness in a home.

If you know your love for your spouse is diminishing then you should know you have to top up your love bank.
You will do that effectively if you set aside time to pray about it. You must also increase your time studying God’s Word and also reading relevant books on the topic.

You must allow integrity and sincerity

In a relationship, these virtues are extremely necessary. You should let your yes be yes and your no be no. You should always be clear with your movements and plans. Let your spouse see all through it.

You must avoid ‘extra games’

No extra marital affairs. These types of relationships quickly destroy trust and break homes and families. Enjoy the wife of your youth. Drink only from your own cistern.

Learn to spend good times with your spouse and children It is not all about work, work and work. Your family needs you.

Learn to pray together with your family

A family that prays together stays together. The morning time presents the best time to pray together for the day.

If it is not available, you should schedule a convenient time. Praying together will go a long way to give you happiness in your family.

Put In Laws in their proper places

In our African setting, you can’t completely rule out interference from in-laws but you should understand that you and your spouse must find the wisdom to handle situations.

Encourage discussions with your spouse

When couples find joy in talking and interacting with each other, it goes a long way in helping understanding and bonding. When these are in place, happiness will surely be at home in your family.

Is there any way you have ensured happiness in your family? Please share your experience with us.

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Biola Amusan is an electrical Engineer. He has been married for over 14 years. He has spoken to different groups on this topic.

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