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3 information you need to write a great job resume

You are a Salesman

Most job seekers have missed this all-important point. If you want anybody or organization to hire you, you must begin to see yourself as a salesman. I know most people don’t like the act of selling but have you seen any individual or organisations which became strong and wealthy who has not sold (has stopped selling) something. If you will ever be rich and wealthy, you must sell something! Even if what you are selling is the skill you learnt in school.

Our  school system has not helped matters. We have been trained to finish school and seek jobs but we have not been trained on how to secure these jobs. We are still using the old system of the 60s where few people are contending for the many jobs that were available. In those days you only need to finish school and a job is waiting for you. It is not so today. You have to be extremely good to get attention. Your resume is just the first material that will show how good you are!

You are a salesman and your resume is a sales proposal. Accept this fact and you are on your way to learn the basic skills necessary to write a great resume.

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You may be wondering what you are selling. You are selling your skill, the one you learn in school or your experience if you are not a fresh school leaver. You must understand how you will put these skills and experiences together to appeal to your “customer”, in this case your potential employer.

See yourself as “Me incorporated” and your company is selling a service to your customer (your prospective employer). The remaining part of this manual will teach some of the things you have to do to prepare your “sales proposal” (your resume) so that you can attract a “business” from your “customer “  (your prospective employer).

Have you ever listened to sales persons making presentations? They speak as people who are starting a relationship with a girl or boy of their dreams.  You must carry this attitude into the preparation of your resume. You want to spend some time on it preparing it. You want to soft sell your qualities to this prospective “new friend” of yours.

As a sales person who wants to sell his or her skill to an organisation, your resume must be good in communicating, persuading and influencing your prospective employer  on the benefits you carry that will be useful to the organisation. The ability of your resume to do this will determine your success in winning big -money jobs.


If a sales person submits a proposal to me and the proposal lacked enough information about his products or services that will add values to me, then the sales person has lost a business. His proposal should sell me on how his products will help me to make more money in my business, improve my life, make more informed decisions in my business that will add lots of values to me.

Your resume should not just carry information about you, it should carry information about the value you will add to your employer. It should be filled with benefits – loads of it at that!

I believe your quest to learn the basic skills of writing award – winning resume is 50% done with this information above. You are a sales person and your resume is a sales proposal. Your prospective employer is your customer. You need to woo him to hire you or give you a call for an interview.

You May have to Prepare Different Resumes

In those days when I finished school, I was using the same resume or CV to apply for all the various job vacancies. This was very wrong! A lot of job seekers are still doing this today.

Different job offers have their different peculiarities. You should not use a resume you used to apply for jobs in the education industry like a school for jobs in the banking industry.  You will have to produce a different resume for the bank job offer.

I showed under tip one above that you must make your resume to be full of values or benefits that you want to add to your prospective employer, I am sure you understand that benefits for employers in the education industry will, in most cases, not apply to that of the banking industry. Prepare another one.

All thanks to God that most job offers usually give enough time for applicants to apply for their positions. You have enough time on your hands to sit down to write a fresh resume for the new job offer. It will go a long way to work for you when the chips are down.

Sometimes, you may even have to prepare a different resume for different organisations in the same industry. For example, I would not use the same resume I used for  a school job offer in a small town for a big school in a big city . I must find what the school is all about. What they stand for that makes them big and then check myself to see what I have that will match my discoveries. The same thing applies to any other industry.

The First Information That Should Appear

I want you to look at the first information that appeared on this resume below which was used to apply for a position in a school:


Tayo Akinade

Applying for the Position of

Mathematics Teacher


0903 (phine number)

(valid email)

This resume has some information that will make a first-time looker look again.  Firstly, there is a relevant picture in the information. You can have a picture of yourself taken while on a job that is relevant to the job offer. If you don’t have that, you can put a nice picture of yourself corporately dressed. There is also a mention of the post applied for. This will show you as somebody who knows what he wants. You are also saving the man checking your resume the headache of searching for what you are applying for.

There is also something that will interest any employer – a personal website containing more information about you. This is not very common amongst job seekers. I believe job seekers should take their job search activities very seriously. This is the day of the Internet and IT.

You can have these types of online platforms to display general information about you and what you stand for. The one above is even a free website on the Internet. It is now becoming increasingly cheap to have a paid one online. You will notice that the website address has something to do with the job I am applying for.

The major purpose of this tip is for you to put something on the first page of your resume that will catch the attention of the person who will look through your resume. I am sure you know that the first impression lasts longer. His or her first impression will just tilt the scale in your favor all through the time he or she will be looking at the other part of your resume.

There are many more innovations you can bring into the first page of your resume. Just make yourself think deeply and more options will flood your mind.

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